Car Mods to Improve Performance

For the “real” car enthusiasts and experts, auto performance isn’t just quite about speed. It’s about upgrading the whole engine to add more power and improving fuel-efficiency. So, to stop you from doing useless modifications, here are some real add-ons that really work. Installing superchargers The purpose of installing superchargers is to improve air intake of the engine. It regulates and pressurizes air intake to maintain or increase the normal

Covering That Floating Asset

In terms of how a yacht ends up being a vital part of your way of life and the cost of a yacht both in regards to purchase and upkeep, in many ways your yacht practically becomes like a floating home. Unlike a fishing boat or a boat used for business purposes, most of us purchase a yacht to invest some substantial time on and we equip that boat so

The Cruise that Set Me Free Part 3 - An Affair with Irony

They were strangers in no human eye, they knew they were. And it all started with a premise that when two souls collide,it happens secretly but revealingly. They didn’t even have to pretend that their souls soothe each other. They knew about it all the time, from the moment they sat together under the sleepless sky. She was no ordinary girl, not when you look at her in a different

The Cruise that Set Me Free Part 2.1: December's Joe Chapter 2 - A Short Story

Back to present. Twilight zone. Busy streets and busy lights knocked Joe’s feet from a subconscious dream. “Joe, will you carry me?” as the children would always ask him. “Well if you can carry me,” Joe replied. “Okay,” the young girl said cheerfully. “I am so sorry,” the young woman said smiling with a question mark in her face. I am sorry Joe. These are the words that almost killed

The Cruise that Set Me Free Part 2: December's Chapter Chapter 1 - A Short Story

Okay, so yes, there are tons of short stories that I have written while on the cruise. Here’s another one. I hope you all like it. Thanks and hope you have fun! Joe is 31 and works as a school teacher in a small learning center for kids, just a few blocks away from his apartment. As night shut down on the settlement, a few lights gleamed through the mist

The Cruise that Set Me Free Part 1: A Sublime Hymn

So, my friends and I started trying a new activity. We rented a yacht last week and I must say it was really awesome. It’s really good to take a timeout from everything and just unwind. From one of travels, I have decided to try writing some short stories. Writing has become my ultimate passion. I may not good at it, or I may not be as eloquent as some

Wedding Bells: Preparing to Tie the Knot

Who said wedding preparation is easy? Between the life-changing proposal and the tear-jerking exchange of vows, you need to deal with a lot of stress in wedding planning.  Yes, it requires a lot of time and effort to make things in order. As someone who’s been there and lived to tell the tale, here are some of the things you should know before your wedding day. The battlefield The whole

Fishing Fun

My favorite water activity of all time has to be fishing. While I am absolutely in love with water sports, fishing will always remain number one in my heart. I still remember when I was young, my father would take my sister and I out to the pier and we would go fishing. Usually my sister and mom would just play in the water or in the trees directly behind

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Perhaps one of the most important jobs if you are a boat owner, if not the most important, is cleaning the boat. It depends on where you are as to what kind of gunk or creatures or things begin to cake to the bottom or clog up the pipes and rotators of your boat. For me, being from the northwest, the biggest thing for us to worry about are the

Welcome To My Boating Blog

Yes. That’s right. Boating. Listen, I live in a lake house that is also coincidentally three hours from the coast line so you would be correct in saying that I have had my fair share of water experience. My boat is a gorgeous 2007 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer that glides across the water like you wouldn’t believe. She maybe approaching the ten year mark, but she still runs as smooth